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The Project

Avempace+ is the continuation of the previous Avempace I, II, and III with partnerships with six Syrian Universities and two NGOs covering most of the student population of the country. The partnership aims at fostering the institutional cooperations and to provide the universities with the maximum support. With the stop of the national capacity building programs in the country, the partnership provides the scholars with invaluable opportunities to pursue their higher studies, and the university administrative staff to learn from the best practices of the EU partners and to transfer the knowledge and the know-how. The project has also post-doc scholar ship that will allow for joint research and would contribute to keeping the universities in contact with what is happening in the different fields. Six EU universities have been chosen depending on their academic level, coverage of the thematic needs, and according to their experience in such project s and especially dealing with delicate situations like the case of the Syrians. The consortium is relatively small for cost-effect reasons and to have the maximum benefit for the students within the limited budget.

The coordinator, in cooperation with the co-coordinator, has developed unique management tools for the management of the project that built on the experience and feedback of the last three years. These tools guarantee transparent management, decision taking and selection procedures. The management also adapts very developed quality assurance procedures that have been agreed upon with the partner institutions.

The project will provide a total of forty three scholarships divided over the 3 target groups and cover all mobility types. TG1 will have most of the scholarships as the partners cover almost most of the country’s students. Cross cutting issues have been taken into consideration and the cooperation sustainability has been guaranteed.

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