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Al Baath University, Homs

Established in 1979, Al-Baath University ranks as one of the leading Syrian universities. It was first set up in Homs, but now the university is distributed into 4 campuses covering two main governmental Syrian provinces, Homs and Hama. Academically, the University consists of 27 different faculties, 2 high institutes and 9 intermediate technical institutes. Al Baath University has 95 000 students and this number is increasing every year. The historic significance of Syria makes it a must for the University to excel in different knowledge branches ranging from humanities and technology sciences to medicine. Al-Baath University exerts genuine efforts to meet the needs of the local community both culturally and economically by providing highly qualified graduates. It is also committed to promoting scientific research in every field of national importance. Al Baath University is keen in the field of national & international cooperation and many cooperation agreements are signed with international universities, research centres and international organizations. Al Baath University has participated in several programs and projects financed by the EU.


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