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Damascus University, Syria

Damascus University was established in the year 1901 with a faculty of medicine and one of law. It was one of the very first universities in the Arab region at the time and was the center of knowledge in the region for decades. In 1923, it was established as the Syrian University and contained the main specializations that were common at that time. In 1958, it received its current name. It is now a multi-disciplinary University that awards BA, MA, and PhD degrees in all fields. For decades Damascus University has been the main destination for knowledge and higher degrees. Damascus University has graduated a lot of politicians, thinkers, and other outstanding personalities in the Arab and Islamic World. The international profile of Damascus University is extremely rich as it has been always open to international cooperation with the different countries and cultures of the world. It has a long history in academic cooperation with universities around the globe and has been an active member in the leading regional and international universities networks. It has also been very active in the staff and students’ exchange programs. On one hand, it has also been the target university for the students who aim to study Arabic as a foreign language. Therefore, it has developed several tailored programs for students from universities in the US, EU, Australia, and South East Asia. On the other hand, Damascus University has had a long tradition of building its capacities through sending its top students abroad with full scholarships to pursue their post graduate studies. During the last decade, Damascus University has witnessed remarkable development in its international relations in terms of student exchange, establishing joint master degrees, and participating in an increasing number of international projects. On top of that, it has succeeded in getting two TEMPUS projects as the grant holder and has successfully participated in the last calls of ERASMUS projects.   Contact    

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