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University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

USC has acquired expertise in the management of International cooperation project through its active participation in different international project and networks. In the field of project management, USC has coordinated several Erasmus Mundus ECW/Action 2 projects such as lot 2 PEACE I&II (Middle East), lot 13 EUPHRATES (India), lot 9 “CENTAURI” (Central Asia) and lot 15, 17 and 18 (Latin America). USC is partner in several EMECW/A2 projects: ALRAKIS I & II and MEDEA in South Caucasus Region, EMMAG, EU-METALIC I&II in Maghreb, EXPERTS I, II & III in South and South-East Asia and China, MARCO XXI and ARCADE in Central Asia, etc. USC also runs an EMMC “Crossways in European Humanities” and an EMJD “NanoFar” in Nanomedicine and pharmaceutical innovation.

USC has over 330 bilateral agreements with third-country education institutions. As a result, USC received circa 400 overseas students in the last academic year. Third country student mobility is fostered by a number of programmes and funding institutions such as “Ciência sem fronteiras” with Brazil, ISEP, and Santander platform. USC is also very active in LLP mobility in Europe with 432 partner universities.

Furthermore, USC coordinates Excellence Thematic Networks in Educational Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Forestry Engineering, Physics, Medicine, Veterinary and Pharmacy, as well as several INTERREG III A&B.

USC has been awarded with two International Campuses of Excellence: Campus Vida and Campus do Mar. The former campus focuses on Life Sciences (Medical Sciences and Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary, Biology, Physics and Chemistry) while the latter covers three broad areas: Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Biological Oceanography and Marine Biology. International Campuses of Excellence represent a new concept for university campuses where the interaction of universities with research and technological centres, scientific and technological parks, businesses and other agents will develop territorial education, research and innovation communities oriented towards international excellence.


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