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International University for Science and Technology, Syria

Tishreen University was founded in 1971 with only three faculties. Now it has twenty one faculties and three higher institutes with a total number of undergraduate students just above 76000 of which 38900 are females; the number of postgraduates (M.Sc.) is around 1600. The number of academic staff is 1224 of which 244 are females. There is quite a big number of students abroad seeking PhDs and M.Sc. and their number is around 600 students distributed mainly in EU countries. The University has a very good rank regionally for providing an excellent atmosphere for teaching and learning, research and training and particularly for the relations with the industry. It also has very strong correlations with the labor market built on various interests; research, training for both staff and students, capacity building and careers. Tishreen University has signed many bilateral agreements with the EU and other countries and there is quite a good number of international students pursuing their degrees and/or further training at Tishreen.
Main Affiliations and Memberships:
- Association of Arab Universities (AAU)
- Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED)
- Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW)

Tishreen University has been a partner university in several Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (and EMECW)-projects. Furthermore, Tishreen University has been a partner in TEMPUS projects since 2003.



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